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THIS IS SUPER LONG so it's in a journal here uh



When the time comes to visit the next location, the Carnival undergoes a curious change in order to accommodate the patrons they'll be performing for. Aside from any areas that are employees only, all water is being replaced with...Ink!

As the Ringmaster and later Nightrider crew explains, the place they'll be arriving at is a post-apocalyptic earth where various species of sea-life evolved out from the oceans of a flooded world to inhabit humanity's ruins. For whatever reason though, this process left the dominant members of these species completely vulnerable to water, their entire bodies instead now made of the ink they've filled the carnival with.

What is perhaps more noteworthy however, is the fixture at the main gate. For any of the patrons coming in, it'll douse them until they absorb the same colour of ink as in the carnival, making sure there aren't any unfortunate fatalities there. But when the workers go to explore their current location, they'll find themselves completely and utterly soaked, to the point where it feels as though they're practically made of ink!

...which is really not an inaccurate way of putting it. They're here just in time for one of the greatest events celebrated world wide in this particular realm, and it would be an absolute shame if they couldn't take part; so the Ringmaster will be turning everyone into an ink-being for the duration of their time outside Carnival grounds! Once they return to the grounds, they'll revert to their typical state, fortunately. But with this, everyone can participate in the Splatfest!


Inkopolis: A bustling capital once inhabited largely by Inklings and other sentient former invertebrates, the solution to the more brutal turf-wars has ushered in an age of peace, where former enemies can enjoy more harmless battles on a variety of arenas. The buildings look very much like those of any modern earth city, with certain unique inclusions such as grates leading to underground levels, or deliberately glass walls to prevent any wise ideas from the inky sorts. There are trucks, cars, bikes...even hotdog stands! If it belongs in the 2010 era, you'll find it, right down to the fashion in the windows. Curiously, you can still request certain seafood dishes such as crab cakes and takoyaki...though it's implied these are only names, and that the foods don't actually contain 'anyone'.

The square that the Carnival will grant employees access to has numerous stores, and is also home to the broadcasting center for a rather popular pop idol duo-though getting to meet the ones inside is just about impossible, it seems. For those who aren't planning on going shopping however, there are three areas of interest-the biggest one is the Turf War Lobby, where everyone and anyone can sign on to participate in an ink-slinging fight. The other two are just off to the side of it-one is a grate entrance where one can take ink form and drop down to Octo-Canyon for some training. The other is an out of the way warehouse room where one can take on a...questionable job snatching 'Golden Eggs'.

Naturally, in a city like this, ink fights and shopping are not the only focus. In fact, music is incredibly important to the people here, to the point where workers may be able to join up on stage to try some live karaoke! Try not to get stage fright!

Octo-Canyon: While peace has been achieved with the Octarian race, many of their ilk are still attached to their homes beneath the earth-particularly the less humanoid members, who find that despite the peace, it's still pretty hard to find a place up above. Located beneath Inkopolis, the Canyon is but one of these many places where Octarians reside-and while the citizens will request that non-octarians keep away from their residential areas, the public are absolutely free to play about in the various 'battlefronts' that still float around, which offer essential training courses for anyone hoping to make it big in the Turf Wars. Notably, while it seems that the sky still exists, anyone with a trained eye can see that the entire canyon (cavern, really) is in fact covered with great big screens displaying the sky of the above world. ...Try not to question the fact that most of the grates to these battlefields look like kettles (Or how certain moving platforms look like drawers, and switches look like spinning drum toys...). Octarians have advanced their tech far beyond anything anyone has ever seen in this world, and they didn't get there by questioning aesthetic you know.

The Arenas: Care to test your mettle as an ink-being? A Turf War takes place on a particular stage, and the lobby cycles through these stages somewhat regularly. One thing remains the same however-both teams start at opposing ends, and their ink is synchronized with the 'transporter', pulling them back when they take too rough a hit, and bringing them back to continue the fight until time is up! The goal isn't to get rid of the opponent after all-it's to coat the entire place in as much of your team's colour as you can!

Of course, for those who've signed on for a job with 'Mr. Grizz', they'll be brought somewhere else. And the goal won't be to cover the most ground there...not at all.


Cephalopod Folk: Inklings, Octolings, and now even 'Nautiloids' and 'Cuttlefolk' comprise of the most humanoid members of 'Ink-ciety', and as such are typically the ones that the Carnival employees will see. Those above the age of 14 are masters of shifting between the form of their animal counterparts and their humanoid states, but younger children often have more trouble sticking to one or the other, typically resembling a mix unless they're focused on it. Certain inklings have been able to master the focus ahead of their time however, some as early as 8 years old!

What with these people making the majority, so too will the vast majority of the carnival workers take these forms while in Inkopolis. RARE exceptions may be made, but must be requested below.

All Cephalopods are comprised of their own unique ink, which carries a main colour. For most, this colour changes according to the team they've been paired with in a Turf War-for the Carnival workers however, their ink defaults to their Soul Color, manifesting anywhere from the eyes, the tips of their tentacles, or even the entire set of 'hair' the tentacles form!

All Cephalopods additionally have two forms; a humanoid state, where four of their tentacles have formed arms and legs, as well as their animal state-completely coloured by their ink, and very obviously a squid (or octopus, nautilus, cuttlefish..). In their animal form, a cephalopod can swim through trails of ink matching their colour, moving up walls, or even through grates. It allows them to leap phenomenal distances, at impressive speeds, as well as recover their strength and ink by hiding out in the puddles.

From here however, each type have their own features which set them apart. Players may choose whichever one of these best suits their character, but they are all detailed in a comment below the post.

Jellyfish: The second most populous of the intelligent life, jellyfish are effectively just that. Blue coloured jellyfish, with large eyes, and two dominant tentacles for arms. They aren't made of ink, and thus can't participate in the Turf Wars, but they can often be seen enjoying the games and rides just as much as all the others do, and make up possibly 30% of the population here.

Other Sea-Folk: If anyone were to discover the name of the 'era' that this form of Earth is currently sitting in, they might not be surprised to hear it referred to as the 'Mollusk Era'-as while ink based beings comprise the dominant culture, it seems literally every aquatic invertebrate on the planet successfully evolved to a sentient, land-borne state. Shops manned by sea-anemones and urchins even exist, alongside lobsters, horseshoe crabs...they may form a minority, but they're there! As well as a few other notable exceptions...

Judd & Li'l Judd: Are....those cats?? But all terrestrial life was wiped out, right?! Judd was rescued from a cryogenic pod that preserved him for 10,000 years, but no one from Inkopolis seems to know just where his tiny, curiously identical looking rival 'lil Judd' came from. The two typically act as judges for turf war matches, but during their off time might take a break to sun or sit around the Carnival as well. It seems they feed on the various birds that survived the mass extinction of Planet Earth.

And on that note, it's worth mentioning that...well, a number of birds in fact survived the mass extinction of planet Earth! Most commonly, workers will see pigeons, sparrows, and seagulls. Typical shoreline-city fare.


Turf War Opponents: Once signed on for a 'Turf War', beware! You won't be choosing your team. Workers could find themselves pitted against each other, or as a group against a quartet of seasoned splatters, and either way the opponents will be stronger than they've ever seen! In the case of the inhabitants, this is their homefield; they'll have skills and weapons of their own, and it'll take all the wits that are available in order to outmatch the home-team and claim victory.

Octarians: Inhabiting the underground cities for the most part, the Octarians these days have plenty of fun helping out those new to the ink scene by re-using their former battle fields as 'training courses'. Creating various obstacle courses, they set themselves up as your opponents, making sure that you can get through ANYTHING.

Try and enter the residential areas however, and you might find that they're playing a little more rough than fact, they might call out those known as the 'Great Octo-Weapons', tentacle powered machines capable of leveling entire fields of ink down to their state.

Salmonids: For those who crave a quick buck for that shiny, shiny new splat-brella, they'll find a little shack just behind the lobby doors...That's where 'Mr. Grizz' will take them on for a pay-by-job position catching Salmon Eggs. The Salmonids are fish-like beings who, go figure, don't especially like having their spawn stolen, and will do everything and anything in their power to STOP someone trying to claim them. As a result, the entire job is referred to as a 'Salmon Run'...and it's not over until you've gotten your quota of eggs filled and lasted through the entire swarm of them!

Don't worry about dying though-Mr. Grizz may hide behind his carved bear radio, but he isn't that heartless! (In fact, you can forget working for him if he realizes you're younger than 14) All temporary employees are provided with a handy lifesaver to pull them out if they come too close to death.

(Don't expect too much of a bonus if that happens though)

More details about all of the above dangers will come with the main log.


During the Carnival's visit, a Splatfest-a massive tournament where combatants face off in turf-wars to determine which team's 'ideal' is best-will be underway! Off the Hook, the band currently hosting the Splatfests, will proudly announce that the participants must choose who's opinion is better...Pearl's? Or Marina's?

Winter? Or Summer?

The winners of such events would typically receive collections of what's known as 'Super Sea Snails'-but for the Carnival Employees, they'll instead receive one of their glistening shells, which occasionally replay music from a chosen Inkopolis band!

All participants however, have the option of walking away with a more human-sized Ink-splatter of choice, with a tank that automatically fills itself with ink over time. Since the ink naturally disolves after a while in air (or water if you're impatient), there's surely no harm in bringing a bit of Inkopolis home, right?

(Human sized, it should note, generally means that no one should be hauling around Ink Rollers that are more than say...three feet across. That would be disastrous and also upset the Cinder sprites)

And of course, everyone is free to bring home whatever clothing they purchased...though it won't protect them any more than normal clothes after everyone leaves.


Those who spend enough time playing around in the arenas may find themselves walking away with either a Common, or an Uncommon change depending on how often they make use of their ink form (or just explode, both work)! While more likely to reflect the cephalopod they resembled, or be themed to such features as unique color changes or eye changes, features from a number of aquatic invertebrates could end up manifesting. Or just ink, for that matter.


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